Why do business in North West Wales?

Why do business in North West Wales?

"Investing in north west Wales makes sound sense" and here's why:

The region is a hub of development funding as well as having a concentration of important and crucial skills. Investment programmes in the region include:

Mon a Menai

Funding directly targeted towards improving regional infrastructure, including transport and communications. The Menai strait between Anglesey and Gwynedd is the focus of the investment.

Energy Island / Ynys YNNI

The Energy Island programme attracts investment into green and renewable energy technology to the Isle of Anglesey. It focuses both on creating new jobs in the power (and particularly renewables) sector, and energy efficiency, across the island's infrastructure.

Anglesey Enterprise Zone

In the summer of 2011 Anglesey was established as an enterprise zone for energy by the Welsh Government, with funding promised to attract new businesses and jobs.

Gwynedd Business Grants

Gwynedd Council's Local Investment Fund offers financial support to SMEs in north west Wales. The fund covers existing and new businesses.