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HOW CAN Labour market Intelligence (LMI) HELP ME?

Shaping the Future  will review and provide understanding of the north Wales jobs market in the project's target industries. 

The aim of the Labour Market Intelligence (LMI) section of the website is to provide the best and most up to date intelligence to enable you to make up-skilling decisions.

career pathways, your career transition guides

Shaping the Future has produced several factsheets, researched by Alex Plows (Bangor University).  

Each facsheet contains the latest information about career transition with nuclear workers in mind.

The project will also be compiling the latest jobs and breaking news articles on a monthly basis.

Each one contains core job roles tht exist in a particular sector, as well as setting out key skills, qualifications, competencies and levels of salary. 

Click on the industry below to read the full factsheet.

What of the FUTURE in north wales?

In terms of its Labour Market, North Wales as a region is very diverse, with key differences particularly between north east and north west Wales. The energy sector in the north west provides key 'hotspots' of current and potential future employment. Shaping the Future have produced 8 useful factsheets which give an in depth overview of the current labour market in north Wales.

To read the Labour Market Intelligence: Regional Overview, please click here

For further labour market information specific to one of the target industries in North Wales, please click on a sector below:

job trends & skill gaps

1. Careers Wales

Will there be opportunities in the job I am interested in in the future? Careers Wales have a series of Job trends information sections that will help you find out what the prospect are.

2. North Wales Economic Observatory

Intelligent data to support and improve current and future businesses within the North Wales regional economy. The North Wales Economic data Observatory supports the work of the North Wales Economic Ambitions Board and provides partners and others with easy access to a range of economic and other contextual data. The North Wales region covers the six local authorities of the Isle of Anglesey, Gwynedd, Conwy, Denbighshire, Flintshire and Wrexham. 

3. Directory of Sector Skills Councils (Alliance Sector Skills Councils)

Sector Skills Councils (SSCs)
are independent, employer-led, UK-wide organisations that are designed to build a skills system driven by employer demand. This site contains useful information about skills gaps and shortages, opportunities to boost the skills and productivity of everyone in their sector.

KEY Intelligence RePORTS

We are currently exploring all the current LMI research that is available - we will post the most relevant sections as review summaries in order for you to make the best use of the intelligence.

1. Sector Skills Council - Working in Wales Thematic Report

These reports explain the background as to what is causing the need for technical, higher level and Leadership & Management skills in Wales. It also explains the actions the Sector Skills Councils are taking / planning to take / would like to take in order to address these skills issues in Wales. This information will help your research and plans to decide how to skill-up for the future.

2. National Strategic Skills Audit for Wales 2012 - A Synopsis

The Welsh Government is seeking to expand and broaden the use of Labour Market Intelligence across Wales. It produces a regular series of papers which will be available on the Learning and Skills Observatory website

 3. Statistical Bulletin

Statistical Bulletin summarises information on the economy and labour market for the North Wales economic region along with comparisons to Wales as a whole of the UK.

These documents provide:

4. People, Places, Future - The Wales Spatial Plan

The Wales Spatial Plan provides the context and direction of travel for local development plans and the work of all organisations, whether private, public or third sectors.

A Quick Overview can be found within this document in Section 9 - Page 20

Commentary on:

By understanding the broad strategic direction that North Wales is taking, you can make decisions about your career pathways and any personal investment in improving you career options know the facts and potential of these decisions.